This year I'll be at the Emerald City Comic Con with my buddy Tom Van Deusen at table LL03. Come check out some great Seattle Indie Comics!
This year I am self publishing a music based anthology called "Mixtape". The idea is to take a recognizable song of your choice and illustrate it "literally" in a humorous way and  I'm currently looking for additional artists to fill the book.

Mixtape will be 40+ page FULL COLOR, LANDSCAPE 11x8.5" comic.

All 1-2 page comics should be 300 dpi .jpg and fit a template (That I will give you)

The song you base your comic on can be anything you want, but I ask that you contact me with your proposed songs in advance so that I can "reserve" it for you.

Deadline: July 1st

Unfortunately, not all comics will be chosen to be included, but all published contributors will receive a copy of the book.

You can email me @ with any questions. Hope to hear from you!


An example comic :David Bowie's Sound and Vision.
Next Saturday the 22nd, I'll be at Jet City Comic Con in the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. It's likely that I will be dressed as a ninja and totally wailing on a guitar with a wicked full moon in the background. Come check me out at table AA57 in the deep dark southwest corner....IF YOU DARE!!!
My new book "The Mystery of the Light Shining Out of That Tower For Some Reason" is now available for sale. It's a locally printed, 28 page full color mini- A collection of some of my favorite web comics I've done over the past 4 years, as well as some material I've submitted to anthologies in the recent past.

I just got back from the post office, parceling out some of the early orders and suffered a sticker shock a little bit. The lesson there I guess is....make sure you actually find out how much stuff costs to ship before you set pricing on the internet.

The book is available on 3 sites:, my bigcartel site, and my etsy site. Just a tip for you frugal shoppers out there. The best pricing for international buyers is on my website and the best price for US buyers is

I will also be at the STUMPTOWN COMIC FESTIVAL(APRIL 28, 29) in Portland Oregon this year sharing a table with Kelly Froh and Max Clotfelter. So if you're in the area you can pick up the new comic for a cheaper price.


So I was really drunk at this bar a few weeks back. And we were talking about instruments we used to play as kids. My waitress told me a tale about her friend using a clarinet to pick up guys. That comic gold was woven into this short Bobby Mono adventure.
Some of my comics were just featured in the latest "Kindlin' Quarterly". An awesome color zine available for $2.50 here.
   This weekend was the first ever Short Run expo in Seattle, which I had the pleasure of having a table at. It was an amazing crowd...everybody there for alternative comics and not a single dude dressed as Batman in sight. I was sold once I saw the hilarious comic on the back of the flyer by Seattle's own Kelly Froh.

    All in all it was a totally amazing experience for me. My first convention, the Jet City Comic Show, ended in total disaster when I sold 3 or 4 comics, couldn't even give away any low budget comics for free, and got laughed at by a guy dressed as Batman. This show was different. There where crowds of enthusiastic alternative comic readers all day till the very last minute.

   I went unprepared with only 15-20 copies of each of my four comics, a couple home-made wizard beards and stickers and TOTALLY SOLD OUT of everything I had. I would have thought at the point that all I had left was one lowly comic and a tumbleweed, it would make me a pariah but I sold every god damn one!

To any of you that came to the show thank you so so much for visiting. I had such a great day.